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6th Latam Steel Frame & Industrialized Systems Congress: Gathering Point for Innovation in Civil Construction

In the South American context, on October 19th and 20th, 2023, the 6th Latam Steel Frame & Industrialized Systems Congress reaffirmed its position as the main meeting point for the industry. The event, which has solidified over the years, plays a crucial role in the technical and political alignment of the sector, providing a vital space for the presentation and discussion of innovations, emerging technologies, and the new scenarios shaping civil construction in the region.

Representatives from various countries came together to participate in meaningful discussions and exchange experiences, strengthening international ties in the industrialized construction sector. The congress served as a platform for constructive debates, where professionals and experts shared valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges faced by the industry.

Among the highlighted companies, CenterSteel stood out as a notable presence at the event, showcasing its commitment to innovation and technological advancement in lightweight steel construction. CenterSteel’s active participation included a lecture delivered by Director Roger Timm. The lecture, titled “Multi-Story Buildings in LSF: Coordination and Structural Feasibility,” addressed crucial issues related to Light Steel Frame (LSF) construction and explored innovative structural solutions for multi-story buildings.

The presence of CenterSteel and the contribution of Roger Timm further enriched the congress discussions, highlighting the company’s importance in the industrialized construction landscape in South America. The success of the 6th Latam Steel Frame & Industrialized Systems Congress reinforces the vitality and dynamism of the industry, pointing towards a promising future driven by collaborations, advanced technologies, and innovative practices in civil construction.