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What We Do


What we do

We bring intelligence to your construction

Watch the complete construction process of a Light Steel Frame residence. In less than 25 days, the project was delivered using the CenterSteel Packaged Profiles system, making it easier to transport the structure.

STEP #01

Pre-project Technical Advisory

Architects partnering with CenterSteel can rely on our technical support to address design issues and optimize their solutions.

STEP #02

Project Coordination

We initiate the process with the receipt of your architectural project, ensuring complete fidelity to architectural decisions while shaping your project.

STEP #03

3D Model

We bring professionals and property owners closer to the design process through verification stages, which is why we create a 3D model of your project. Only after your approval do we commence the calculation and detailing process.

STEP #04

Calculation and Design

We invest in a highly qualified design team to create the best structural solutions, making the execution of your project easier. The result of this is extremely detailed project files, creating a true structural map of your development.

STEP #05


Utilizing BIM technology for project detailing and documentation, we create print files that are sent to our roll formers. Production takes place swiftly and accurately: each day, we can produce up to 8 tons of profiles with millimeter precision, all labeled and pre-drilled.

STEP #06


You can choose the best method for receiving your structure: assembled panels or packaged profiles. Along with the profiles, you will receive all fastening elements, structural reinforcements, and complete project documentation.

STEP #07

Construction Advisory or Turnkey Delivery

To assist in the execution of your construction project, we have a technical team composed of technicians and engineers with extensive experience. We provide both in-person and remote support.

Offering construction plans

Building the project

Project assignment

Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.